iTel Switch Plus
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REVE Systems has come up with various products suitable for VoIP service providers. iTel Switch Plus is one of them. It is a special carrier grade softswitch, equipped with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and integrated billing solution. It is appropriate for those service providers who are associated with retail and wholesale operations. Class 4 and 5 softswitch, easy end user interface, multi-level reseller support are some of the special features of the iTel Switch Plus.

It has some special highlights such as enhanced multi-tier security architecture, reporting and monitoring tools, multi-model origination devices and termination options which make it an important platform for all those ITSPsí who want to serve retail consumers in this VoIP industry.

iTel Switch Plus is capable of performing in both platforms, single server and in a distributed architecture. Because of its redundant and scalable deployment architecture, it is the best software for those large IP carriers who want to achieve the best place in this service oriented and competitive VoIP market. As it has multiple termination routes, so it is one of the most capable software to satisfy the highest needs of carriers. It also has the feature of originating traffic across all the call shops, PC Soft phones (also called PC2Phone), calling card, DIDís and mobile VoIP applications.

Unique Features of iTel Switch Plus:

  • Instant call connectivity to your end users
  • Never Go Negative (NGN)
  • Multi Layered Secured Access Control
  • Call back Service
  • Pin to Pin calling
  • Supports IVR in multiple languages
  • Supports multiple authentication modes
  • Payment/Recharge report generation
  • The switch supports both SIP and H323 protocol
  • Switch partition facility due to which service providers can provide a complete switch to a reseller with different IP, link and database.
  • Reseller wise WEB partition is possible. Hence, one reseller will not be able to enter another reseller link though they are under the same database.